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Utah Global Forum
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Utah Global Forum Speakers Information

The Utah Global Forum (UGF) organizing team would like to provide an inspiring, educational and entertaining experience for attendees via short and powerful presentations of about 15 minutes in length. We are screening applicants with the aim of providing a dynamic line-up of innovative and influential speakers for this one-day event.

If you know someone who belongs on the UGF stage, or if you belong there yourself, we want to hear from you! Please fill out our Speaker nomination form by June 18, 2014.

What are the conference’s main themes?
We’re seeking speakers with insights into the following topics:Utah Life Elevated: Event Partner

·         Building a Global Brand

·         Why Europe, Why Mexico, Why Canada, and Why China Matters to Your Company’s Future

·         Shared Stories of Success: Striking Gold in Europe, Mexico, Canada, and China

·         Financing Your Global Expansion

·         Global Operational Efficiency Through Sound Legal, Tax and Accounting Practices

The speakers we select will all have expertise – and a story to tell – in these thematic areas. Please refer to the Speaker guidelines and Speaker FAQs, as well as a speaker video release form. We plan to post videos of the event online for future reference.

Questions? Email