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Salt Lake City Skyline Utah International Trade Photo by Adam Barker
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Morriss O’Bryant & Compagni

734 E 200 South
Salt Lake City
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Attorney - Patent, Trademark, Copyright & Intellectual Property
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MORRISS O’BRYANT COMPAGNI, P.C. (“MOC”) is a law firm which specializes in protecting the intellectual property of its clients through patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. The firm understands that while the current system of protecting intellectual property rights has been available for many years, many are only recently appreciating the value intellectual property rights can provide. While assets used to be determined primarily by buildings and inventory, the ability to protect advancements in technology has made intellectual property a primary asset of many companies. In addition, by securing intellectual property rights, smaller companies can more effectively compete with industry giants.

With the increased importance placed on intellectual property, it is prudent to use a firm that is knowledgeable about, and can fully counsel its clients concerning, forms of intellectual property protection that extend beyond the obvious or conventional. A firm that concentrates its practice on obtaining patents, trademarks and copyrights, and which has experience in trade secrets protection and litigation, can better advise the client on all options, and can assist the client in maximizing the protection afforded by the most cost effective means.

The members of MOC, all of whom are registered Salt Lake patent lawyers and attorneys, have the extensive legal and technical experience required to obtain valuable patents, trademarks and copyrights and to enforce the exclusive rights which they afford. The broad range of technical backgrounds of the firm’s attorneys enables a comprehensive understanding of its clients’ technologies and results in greater protection of those technologies.