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Salt Lake City Skyline Utah International Trade Photo by Adam Barker
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11487 S 700 East
Salt Lake City
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Nutraceutical Corporation
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NutraNomics® (NNI®), was founded in 1995 by Dr. Tracy K. Gibbs.

Purpose:  Research and development of nutritional food products. In 1997, NNI produced and branded its own product line, and began to sell to the retail outlets and to the public.  NNI has also produced formulas for hundreds of other companies.

Mission Statement:  At NutraNomics, our mission is to increase human health and longevity through education and self-awareness.  We teach that all must take responsibility for their own health through moderate diets, exercise, and proper supplementation.  By these practices alone can one achieve ultimate health.

Sales Representatives:  USA, Canada, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Korea.

Trademarks, Tradenames, and Patents:  NNI®, NutraNomics®, HEC®, Health Education Corporation®, AES®, Assimilation Enhancing System®. NutraNomics is a trademark of Health Education Corporation (HEC), founded in 1995. HEC® is now the educational portion of the company and provides health, wellness, nutrition, and other types of education within our industry.

Education: The demand for education in this industry promoted us to develop a DVD series for in home education on lifestyle, dietary supplements, exercise and green living which we sell along with our product line.  NNI also has educational health books such as “My Home Pharmacy” and “Enzyme Power” both written by Tracy K. Gibbs.