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Salt Lake City Skyline Utah International Trade Photo by Adam Barker
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Pacific Rim Consulting

PO Box 680365
Park City
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Dave Rockwood
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Export trade intermediaries take various forms, from a consultant who works with your company on a fee basis to set up an in‐house export‐marketing program, to companies who buy your products from you and then export them on their own account. In many cases, the intermediary will arrange export sales for you based on a commission based on sales. The advantage of using an intermediary is that they already have knowledge of foreign markets and customers and can act as your foreign sales department without the cost and lead‐time to you of setting up your own international sales department. Consultants can also search information resources to provide marketing leads and travel and cultural information, and can help with product safety testing and design to meet international regulations.

International trade consultants can advise and assist a manufacturer on all aspects of foreign marketing. Trade consultants do not normally deal specifically with one product, although they may advise on product adaptation to a foreign market. They research domestic and foreign regulations and assess commercial and political risk. They conduct foreign market research and establish contacts with foreign government agencies and other necessary resources, such as advertising companies, product service facilities, and local attorneys.

These consultants can locate and qualify foreign joint venture partners, as well as conduct feasibility studies for the sale of manufacturing rights, the location and construction of manufacturing facilities, and the establishment of foreign branches. After ales agreements are completed, trade consultants can also ensure that implementation is smooth and can deal with any problems that arise effectively.