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Salt Lake City Skyline Utah International Trade Photo by Adam Barker
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U.S. Commercial Service: Utah Export Assistance Center

9690 S 300 West, Suite 201
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David G. Fiscus
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The mission of the U.S. Commercial Service, an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration, is to promote and protect U.S. commercial interests abroad and deliver customized solutions to ensure that U.S. businesses compete and win in the global marketplace. The U.S. Commercial Service promotes economic prosperity, enhances job creation, and strengthens national security through a global network of international trade professionals. The U.S. Commercial Service’s Utah Export Assistance Center helps the Utah business community begin the international trade process with its unique resources. It is the only federal government organization involved in international trade promotion with a worldwide field presence and delivery system. Trade specialists in more than 100 U.S. cities and 80 countries provide in‐depth export consulting and customized business solutions. These trade professionals provide counseling on all aspects of the export process as well as a variety of products and services designed to assist small and mid‐sized U.S. businesses expand their businesses internationally through export and become an integrated part of the global value chain. The Utah Export Assistance Center serves as the first link in the government’s export network for firms throughout Utah. The office can provide a wide range of international trade assistance for your company. While it cannot close an export deal or fill an export order for you, the trade specialists can clarify and simplify the export process and can provide your company with numerous, free or low cost tools to support each phase of your company’s international marketing strategy: identification, assessment, and contacts. Such services include:
Programs to Help Identify Potential Foreign Markets:

• Marketing Statistics: Product import and export data,by country, are available in computer databases including both U.S. and foreign government statistics.

• Market Research Reports: A wide variety of reports on specific products and product lines prepared by the Department’s overseas staff are available from the Department’s computer database.

• Foreign Country Data: General economic and marketing background reports on virtually every country in the world are available via the research database available free at

Programs to Help Identify Potential Foreign Buyers, Agents, and Distributors:

•Gold Key Service: Experienced trade professionals in your target country will arrange appointments for you with pre-screened contacts whose interests and objectives match your own.

• Global Business Opportunity Leads: U.S. foreign commercial service posts remit foreign trade leads for specific products and services that arise within their country. These are available from the Department of Commerce at

• Commercial News USA: The Department’s overseas posts circulate a monthly newsletter to more than 350, foreign customers and agents/distributors. This circulation encompasses 145 countries and often translated into seven or eight languages. U.S. firms can insert
a listing to be included in this circular of their products and services for a minimal fee.

• International Partner Search: The Department will conduct an overseas search for a foreign agent and distributor and/or partner for a specific product or service.

• Flexible Market Analysis: The Department’s Flexible Market Research program makes use of its vast network of industry associations, government agencies, importers, distributors, end-users, and manufacturers to provide information critical to the success of international business.

• Trade Missions: The Department conducts a limited number of U.S. trade missions to foreign countries each year. A newly developed type of trade mission is the Matchmaker Trade Delegation, which literally “matches” small and medium sized U.S. firms to foreign channels of distribution for specific types of products and establishes meetings between them.

• Trade Shows: The Department regularly enables U.S. firms to participate in a variety of overseas trade shows by providing space and marketing assistance in selected foreign‐sponsored exhibitions or Department‐sponsored events.

• Catalog Shows: The Department conducts catalog shows for specific as well as broad product areas in foreign markets where potential buyers, agents, distributors and end users examine the catalogs of U.S. firms.

Other Services Provided by the Utah Export Assistance Center:

• U.S. Export Documentation Requirements: Information and forms are available on Department of Commerce export licensing requirements, and the Shipper’s Export Declaration and Schedule B numbers as well as navigation of Trade Compliance.

• Trade Information Center: The Trade Information Center provides answers to U.S. companies with export‐related questions toll‐free from 9AM to 5PM EST at 1‐800‐USA‐TRADE (1‐800‐872‐8723). The Trade Information Center drives its information from over 60 sources, including the U.S. Departments of Commerce and Agriculture, multilateral agencies, the United Nations, and numerous private sources.

• Exporting Seminars: The USEAC, and other organizations in Utah, sponsor special seminars throughout the year. These seminars focus on various aspects of international trade and marketing. These seminars include how‐to seminars on the basics of exporting. Seminars and conferences held on an ad hoc basis focus on country‐specific, industry‐specific, and more advanced topics.

• Country/Market Research: The Utah Export Assistance Center provides up to date country data and market research reports through the export data portal. The database is available oline at

• Export Counseling: The Department’s number one service for the exporter is the free, professional export counseling provided by the Utah Export Assistant Center. The International Trade Specialist plays a key role in helping your company develop its export business. Among the trade specialist’s major functions are:

  • Assessing the export potential of your company’s products and services
  • Assisting you in identifying and evaluating foreign markets
  • Training your company personnel on the fundamentals of international trade.
  • Advising you on alternative methods used to penetrate foreign markets such as establishing an exporting through export trading companies, joint ventures, agent/distributor network, licensing, etc.
  • Explaining the benefits of your participation in international trade events Facilitating trade contact with foreign customers Counseling on export marketing strategies, and export financing alternatives, U.S. export administration regulations, and trade and investment opportunities

For more information, call the U.S. Commercial Service’s Utah Export Assistance Center at 801‐255‐1871 or go to