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Salt Lake City Skyline Utah International Trade Photo by Adam Barker
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Brigham Young University, Whitmore Global Management Center

360 Tanner Building
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Lee Radebaugh
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International Studies - Higher Education
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Today’s business executives cannot treat the global market as a luxury item; the global market is more crucial to business success than ever before. The Whitmore Global Management Center provides the global education and training necessary for Marriott School undergraduate and graduate students to take on the global market. The Whitmore Global Management Center is designated by the U.S. Department of Education as one of the nation’s 33 Centers for International Business Education and Research. As a CIBER, the Whitmore Global Management Center works to increase and promote the nation’s capacity for international understanding and economic enterprise.

Since 2002 the Whitmore Global Management Center has made strides in global business research, education, and outreach. The center works toward internationalizing the Marriott School. This is accomplished by providing resources, training, and professional development for three inter-dependent groups: the students, faculty, and business community.