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  • Date: Sep 15-19, 2014
  • Time: All Day
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China Trade Mission 2014 Utah International Trade and Diplomacy ITDO GOED

Utah International Trade and Diplomacy Office ITDO GOED Media Library ImageThe Governor’s Office of Economic Development invites all Utah businesses interested in growing their global markets in China to apply to join us on the China Trade Mission 2014.

Utah has strong ties to China, nearly one third of all students learning Chinese in the United States are doing so in Utah, which is more than any other state in America. Additionally, Utah’s former Governor, Jon Huntsman Jr., served as U.S. Ambassador to China from 2009 to 2011. This trade mission will continue building on our valued China-Utah relationships.

China has a rapidly growing middle class which is contributing to China’s GDP growth of 466% since 2002. GDP in China is forecast to continue growing 7.5% – 8.5% per annum over the next 30 years and the Chinese economy is widely expected to surpass the U.S. market in GDP size by 2019.

U.S. small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular are major beneficiaries of China’s economic growth and increasingly consumer-oriented society. With a rapidly rising middle class and intense urbanization, SMEs are meeting China’s demand for American goods. SMEs represented 92 percent of all U.S. exporters to China in 2010.

It is also important to note that international tourism is thriving between the United States and China. Utah’s five National Parks collectively receive more tourist visits than any other single National Park in America. As the Chinese tourist market is directed to Utah’s national parks, we will see a large increase of tourism revenue in the state.

The main focus of the trade mission centers on helping Utah companies find potential business partners in China. We will also be presenting to local investors on why Utah is the right place for strategic investment and collaboration, and displaying the rich beauty of Utah, which is a big draw for Chinese tourists.

We understand that business relationships must be bi-lateral to have any sort of permanence. This trade mission will demonstrate our commitment to expand that relationship with China even further.

Reasons to attend the trade mission
– One-to-one meetings with pre-qualified distributors and potential business partners
– Networking opportunities with chambers of commerce and U.S. companies doing business in-country
– Appointments with key government officials and industry experts
– Pre-arranged logistics including hotels, ground transportation, interpreters, and daily itinerary

– Beijing
– Shanghai

Preliminary Agenda

China Trade Mission 2014 Preliminary Agenda

Estimated Costs
– Flight $2,200
– Hotel $200 per night (negotiated rates)
– Transportation $300
– Meals $300
– Gold Key Service $700 per day

For More Information
Those interested in learning more about the opportunities China presents should contact Aaron Neuenschwander at the Governor’s Office of Economic Development.

Aaron Neuenschwander
(801) 538-8737

Grant Assistance
Several matching grants through the State Trade and Export Promotion (STEP) program have been reserved for the China Trade Mission to offset qualifying travel expenses for qualifying Utah small businesses. Expenses eligible for reimbursement include:

– Airfare (Fly America provisions apply)
– Gold Key Service
– Interpretation service
– Ground transportation costs within the hosting locale
– Per Diem (lodging and meals, based on U.S. Department of State per diem for the locality)
– Participation fees

Travel reimbursements are available for qualifying Utah based small businesses. Funds are made available by the U.S. Small Business Administration through the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. STEP awards are for up to $2,250 and require a 25 percent cash match by the recipient up to $750.

Please complete the China Trade Mission 2014 Application (STEP and B2B) if you would like to be considered for a STEP matching grant. To inquire about your eligibility to receive a STEP grant, please contact Ariel Briggs at the Governor’s Office of Economic Development.

Ariel Briggs
(801) 538-8778 office
(801) 580-1685 cell

Trade Mission Applications
Please complete one of the three online applications below if you would like to be considered to participate on the China Trade Mission.


Informational Links

China Business Toolkit
Access our media library where you will find informational videos and documents related to doing business in China.

News Stories and Press Releases

Utah Deepens Bonds With China During Trade Mission
Governor’s Office of Economic Development, September 13, 2013

China Rolls Out Red Carpet for Utah Trade Mission Delegation
Governor’s Office of Economic Development, September 9, 2013

Quotes from 2013 China trade mission participants

“The planning, execution and outcome of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development’s Trade Missions efforts are precisely executed and these missions will have a long term impact on the future success of Utah companies in the global marketplace.”
Cody Smith
Racer’s Edge

“The trip was well organized and met all of my expectations.”
John Curtis, Mayor
Provo City

“GOED and USCS were wonderful in helping me make connections in China that I would have been very difficult on my own, even with my current Chinese partners. The care that the GOED staff took in attention to detail and concern for the success of every part of the mission gave me confidence in their abilities.”
Tracy Rogers
Selnate International School

“The staff at the GOED were fantastic to work with. I look forward to developing a strong relationship with the GOED and supporting the efforts of future trade missions.”
Thomas Parish
Ferox LLC

“I would like to thank and congratulate GOED for the wonderful mission to China that they put together. I feel that my business really benefit from it and I look forward to participate in future trade missions. The return on investment is higher than expected.”
David Utrilla
U.S. Translation Co.

Partner Organizations




State Trade and Export Promotion (STEP)sbasteplogoMatching Funds Available

Learn more about Utah’s State Trade and Export Promotion (STEP) program and find out if your company qualifies to receive a matching grant to offset Gold Key Service and travel expenses related to this trade mission.