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  • Date: Jun 25, 2015
  • Time: 11:30 am
  • Address: 175 East 400 South, Suite 600
    Salt Lake City,
    UT 84111

Event Description:

Smart regulation has an important role in our economy, creating a level playing field for business while protecting public safety and the environment. A modern, balanced, transparent regulatory system gives businesses the confidence they need to hire, invest and innovate.

Many business leaders are rightfully concerned about regulation and its impact on the economy. Regulations can impose substantial costs on businesses, often with little or no demonstrable benefit.

The Salt Lake Chamber is excited to announce our quarterly regulation roundtable series as part of our ongoing efforts to promote smart regulation. These open forums will allow a collaborative environment between government and business to discuss regulatory issues and productive solutions.

These roundtables are:

  • A forum for collaboration: Representatives from economic development agencies and local, state and federal government to share their efforts to promote smart regulation and help troubleshoot individual issues.
  • Broad based: We encourage any business leader – from any size business – to join us to talk about regulatory issues regardless of industry.
  • Reach All Levels: No issue is too large or too nuanced. We welcome any issue local, state or federal to be discussed.
  • Find Commonality: We as a Chamber will look for trends or commonalities that affect the broader economy and business community to push for reform.

Roundtable Dates:

Roundtable #1 – Real Estate, Commercial and Economic Development
June 16 from 8- 10 AM at the Salt Lake Chamber
Continental Breakfast

This roundtable will focus on key regulatory barriers that impede economic growth at the most basic level: real estate, commercial and economic development.

This roundtable will be facilitated by the Salt Lake Chamber’s Policy Vice Chair, Chris Gamvroulas, Economic Development Chair, Jake Boyer, and Executive Board Member, Vasilios Priskos and former Downtown Alliance chair with partners from the federal delegation, local and state economic development partners and other associated associations. We are hope to facilitate an environment of collaboration to bring cross-cutting and broad based issues regarding regulation to the forefront and look for clear objectives for further conversations and action moving forward.