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Salt Lake Valley by Adam Barker Utah International Trade
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  • Date: Sep 20-28, 2014
  • Time: All Day
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World Bank PSLO Trade Mission to Senegal and Ghana Utah International Trade and Diplomacy ITDO GOED
PSLO Network Business Mission to Senegal and Ghana Utah International Trade and Diplomacy Office ITDO GOED

Participant Information Packet

The PSLO Network invites you to mark your calendars for a mission which will include country meetings and presentations with The World Bank Group, The African Development Bank, The United Nations and Government Embassies and Trade Representatives of Ghana and Senegal. The multiple country delegation visit to Ghana and Senegal, focusing on project development at the International Financial Institutions, and specifically designed to provide understanding and opportunity for the private sector. During the visit program, companies will enjoy the opportunity to:

  • Learn what types of projects International Financial Institutions are financing in the select regions, in the environment, infrastructure, energy and education sectors.
  • Dialog with representatives about project opportunities and requirements.
  • Discuss capabilities necessary for the undertaking of projectsin-country.
  • Identify specific opportunities for products, services and capabilities
  • Further understand how projects are initiated and developed
  • Build important business to business relationships on-the-ground in each participating country.

Pricing for participation is $750 UDS per person. Costs for the mission include: Mission coordination, networking events, any receptions and group meals. Not included are: roundtrip airfare, hotel accommodations, meals-unless otherwise specified, preparation of freight or promotional materials and travel insurance.

To register or for more information, please contact:

Liesl Harewood Nova Scotia, Canada +1.902.424.4211

Elizabeth Goryunova Utah, USA +1.801.807.9574

Sara Hormigo Carneo Washington, DC, USA +1.202.728.2371

Shane Jaffer Alberta, Canada +1.403.297.6592

The PSLO network is a group of 150 business intermediary organizations in over 100 countries around the world working to foster trade and investment between countries with the support of the World Bank Group’s products and services. PSLOs facilitate private sector access to WBG business opportunities, services and knowledge, and act as the voice of the private sector in advising the WBG on how to better engage companies on development issues.