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Targeted Industries

  • Aerospace

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  • Outdoor Products and Recreation

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  • Financial Services--Zions Bank

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  • Energy and Natural Resources

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  • Software Development and IT

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With the Utah Strategic Industry Clusters, Utah works to create sustainable advantages around emerging (and mature) sectors by combining and aligning a wide variety of business interests, including:

  • Industry experts
  • Research universities
  • Capital
  • Fresh technology
  • Environmental concerns

Utah’s economic clusters include:

  • Aerospace and defense
  • Energy and natural resources
  • Financial services
  • Life sciences
  • Outdoor products
  • Software development and Information Technology

The truth is this: As a focused group, businesses have improved access to suppliers, services, resources, technology and talent. What does it mean for you? Better paying jobs, enhanced education and a higher standard of living throughout the state. In 2014, these industries employed 193,155 Utahns, with an average wage of $66,865. This wage was significantly above the state average of $42,180.

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These vibrant sectors leverage Utah’s core compelling competencies in a broad range of industries, innovation and workforce. The respective cluster directors and offices focus on growing jobs in conjunction with trade associations, critical agency partners and key organizations. They also develop strategic plans that address issues in the areas of advocacy, innovation, capital, manufacturing, infrastructure, workforce development, international opportunities and marketing.