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Utah Capital Investment


The Program
Formerly Utah Fund of Funds, Utah Capital Investment is a $300 million State of Utah economic development program aimed at providing access of alternative or non-traditional capital to Utah entrepreneurs.Utah Capital Investment will not invest money into any company or individual but rather will invest in venture capital and private equity funds that commit to establishing a working relationship with Utah Capital Investment, Utah’s start-up and business community and commit to making investments in qualifying companies. Utah Capital Investment will invest in venture capital and private equity funds located both in Utah and outside Utah.

Why Utah Capital Investment?
Utah has some of the best mountains in the world but without snow it would not be able to claim some of the best skiing in the world. Luckily, in Utah we have figured out how to put snow in the mountains when Mother Nature won’t cooperate. Similarly, Utah has some great entrepreneurs but without capital they cannot build great companies, Utah has figured out how to attract capital for its entrepreneurs and that is Utah Capital Investment. Venture capital and private equity funds interested in Utah deal flow should contact us and entrepreneurs and companies interested in raising venture or private equity capital should also contact (801) 432-7667.

Some Statistics

  • 52 Utah Companies have raised over $1.1 billion from Utah Capital Investment portfolios funds.
  • Utah Capital Investment  staff have met with 25 funds and established 47 introductions.
  • The jobs created will produce over $100 million in tax revenue over the next 10 years.
  • The Utah Capital Investment portfolio has an aggregate of $5 billion investable capital.
  • More than 350 Utah companies have been reviewed by Utah Capital Investment portfolio managers.


Utah Utah Capital Investment

(801) 432-7667