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Manufacturing Extension – MEP

Plain-MEPFor two decades, MEP has increased the competitiveness of the US manufacturers by:

  • Finding growth opportunities
  • Encouraging technology deployment
  • Increasing capacity/productivity by eliminating waste
  • Increasing profitability

MEP Utah works directly with area manufacturers to provide expertise and services tailored to their most critical needs, which range from process improvements and worker training to business practices, applications and information technology. Working directly with company management, MEP provides solutions as diverse as product defect cause-analysis, plant layout, sales and marketing, quality management systems, enterprise strategic planning, technology deployment and more.

The MEP Utah center, located at Utah Valley University, is one of 59 non-profit affiliate centers located throughout the U.S. MEP Utah provides knowledgeable manufacturing and business expertise to small and medium-sized manufacturers through its local staff, and by tapping into the linked national MEP network of more than 1,600 experts. MEP is a contract partner with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development.

MEP is a program of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, U.S. Department of Commerce.

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The Economic Impacts of the MEP of Utah

Manufacturing Extension – MEP

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