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Prosperity 2020

Utah business leaders know that the most important investment in a vibrant economy is education. It is the path to enduring prosperity. Great businesses are built with human capital—well-trained and educated workers.

Utah business and community leaders have organized a movement—Prosperity 2020—to advance educational investment and innovation. Our vision is that Utah’s educated and trained workforce will propel Utah to enduring prosperity, improved quality of life and the strongest economy in the nation.

Our goal is to raise the bar for students of all ages. We want 90 percent of elementary students to achieve math and reading proficiency. And two-thirds of Utahns should achieve postsecondary training by 2020. Why? Because a national study on America’s workforce needs shows that is what Utah employers will require to maintain a vibrant and competitive workforce. We also want our metropolitan area to rank in the top twenty for concentration of science and engineering occupations.

Prosperity 2020 is the movement that will get us there. It provides a business-oriented plan to improve results. It inspires action. It unifies the community to achieve a better future for our children and grandchildren.

Prosperity 2020 … it starts with education.