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Utah's Own
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Utah’s Own

The mission of Utah’s Own is to create a strong consumer culture that seek and buy local agriculture and food products.

utahownUtah’s Own encourages individuals to build relationships with those farmers and companies who grow or make their food. Utah offers a banquet of fresh food options via farms, urban gardens, community supported agriculture (CSAs), roadside stands, farmers markets, grocery stores and restaurants.  When a consumer purchases a Utah’s Own product, he/she can trust the brand to deliver a quality taste and flavor. In addition, Utah’s Own agricultural products – compost, seeds, and plants, or soaps, creams and lotions – offer a uniqueness and excellence that is rare among generic brands.

Utah’s Own supports and celebrates products offered from various companies. Our membership includes profitable farms and companies that have existed for more than 100 years, as well as some that started last season. Utah also supports more than 30 farmers markets, 300 grocery stores, 4,000 restaurants and several food service distribution companies, making the state an ideal location for agriculture and food entrepreneurship.

With more than 800,000 households in the state, Utah spends more than $6.3 billion on food each year, with each home dedicating 11.3 percent of their budget to this expense. If Utahns shifted one percent of their food dollars – by making an effort to seek out and buy Utah products – the collaborative effort would generate $63 million to our state’s economy. For most families, such a shift would only cost $72 annually – money they could easily spend at a farmers market, local retail store or restaurant.  Consider what other economic impact could happen, if Utahns also made a conscious effort to source Utah products whenever available.

The Utah’s Own brand empowers consumers to identify quality agriculture and food products grown, processed or made locally.

Utah’s Own

Attn: Marketing and Development Divison
Utah Department of Agriculture and Food
PO Box 146500
350 North Redwood Road
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-6500

Seth Winterton
Deputy Director
(801) 538-7141

Tamra Watson
Communications Specialist
(801) 538-4913