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Kimberly Henrie
Deputy Director

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GOED Fellows and Interns
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GOED Fellowship and Intern Programs


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GOED has opportunities for Fellows and Interns in a variety of areas.

  • International Trade and Diplomacy Office
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Corporate Recruitment and Incentives
  • Tourism and Film Commission
  • Economic Clusters

Interns are typically undergraduate students, recent graduates, persons in career transition or other candidates with proven writing and computer skills and experience applicable to the GOED area in which they work (International, etc.) Each Intern fulfills a three to six-month commitment with GOED (hiring dates throughout the calendar year). The typical work week can range from 15 to 40 hours. In addition, GOED Business Marketing has a special internship program with the US Ski and Snowboard Team that is tailored to the athlete’s specific schedule and interests.

Fellows are undergraduate Seniors or second-year graduate students with proven writing and computer skills and experience applicable to the GOED area in which they work. Each Fellow fulfills a one-year commitment with GOED (July – June). The typical work week is 15 to 25 hours. Fellows also participate in externships during the one year program.

Type of Engagements: Interns typically work on task oriented deliverables and special assignments. Interns act as support staff for trade missions, seminars, conferences/events, incoming dignitary visits, and marketing/public relations projects. Interns assist Fellows and staff as needed.

Fellows engage in project management and are given special assignments over trade missions and other complex projects. Fellows have individualized Professional Development tracks that GOED management assists with.

Professional Development consists of:

  • Brownbag Lunch and Learn sessions (open to all GOED employees)
  • Executive Forums (Fellows and Interns) – presentations from local business and government leaders
  • Externships (Fellows) – One-day or half-day job shadowing

Employers Interested in Partnering

How Can Utah Businesses Participate?? We welcome local business leaders to assist in executive forums and externships.

Externships are offered to Fellows with at least three months of experience at GOED, to be completed at a business/organization of their choosing. An externship consists of either a half or full day spent with a CEO or team leader based on the interests of the Fellow. Each Fellow will complete at least three externships throughout their one year commitment at GOED.

The benefit for the Fellow of an Externship is to increase his or her business network and gain firsthand exposure to successful professionals in the Fellow’s particular area of interest, study, or expertise.

The benefit for the host business is that each Fellow can provide information and insight about how GOED can be of better service to each respective institution. The business also has a chance to evaluate a talented, potential future employee.

What is asked of the host business participating in an Externship? Half or a full day of hosting the Fellow, giving access and information about the organization, their role in the organization, give insights from personal experience in career advancement, act as a mentor as each Fellow is planning for the next step after their commitment at GOED is fulfilled.

If you are interesting in presenting at an Executive Forum or hosting an Externship, contact Kimberly Henrie, GOED deputy director, 801-538-8823.

Internship & Fellowship Application Form



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