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Zone Designation

How to designate a Recycling Market Development Zone in Your Community

As demand grows for recycled products, new and expanding recycling-based manufacturers are looking for good places to do business. Your community could benefit from the high quality jobs and added tax base these businesses can offer. Utah communities with Recycling Market Development Zones will improve their ability to assist their local businesses and attract new ones in the rapidly growing recycling industry.

All Utah communities and counties are eligible to submit applications to designate areas as a Recycling Market Development Zone.

In order to receive the Recycling Market Development Zone designation, communities and counties must offer businesses within the zone some incentives which could include but are not limited to:

  • financing, such as loans or grants
  • expedited permitting assistance
  • infrastructure assistance
  • competitive utility rates
  • reduced business license fees
  • zoning assistance

Applications for zone designation must include:

  • identification of local incentive
  • summary of local recycling program(s)
  • support from local elected officials
  • recycling market development plan