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About PTAC

Last year, PTAC helped Utah businesses land more than $232 million in government contracts.

Government contracts are a two-sided opportunity: They create growth within a particular market and can provide a substantial revenue boost, but they can also involve a maze of procedures and paperwork that can discourage entrepreneurs.

The good news is that Utah’s Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) helps Utah small businesses successfully compete in the government marketplace.

PTAC can help your business with all levels of government contracting (federal, state, local).  PTAC offers one-on-one and group instruction to help companies identify the right opportunity and the right approach. With seven offices state-wide, PTAC is available to Utah small businesses, both urban and rural.

Just like any business arena, there are nuances to government contracting.  For example, in order to do business with the federal government a business must obtain a Data Universal Numbering System ID, or DUNS number which is required in order to register as a federal contractor, vendor or supplier on the federal government’s System for Award Management site  Once a business is active in SAM, you will be visible to federal procurement agencies and large prime contractors when you make contact with them regarding contracting and subcontracting opportunities.

There are other registrations required by various federal, state and local government agencies so contact PTAC to get the technical assistance you need.

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