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Individual Counseling

Utah PTAC can provide individual contracting assistance training at your site, at regional outreach events or at a PTAC office located near you.  Each region is staffed with a Procurement Specialist who can help you identify contracting opportunities and teach you how to market to government agencies on federal, state and local levels.

Utah PTAC Procurement Specialists can work with businesses that are new to government contracting during the initial stages of procurement to teach you how and where to find bid opportunities and how to market your products/services to the government.  Utah PTAC also assists more experienced companies with government contracting needs such as how to request and prepare bid responses and how to expand government contracting opportunities.

Whatever your level of government contracting experience, a Utah PTAC Procurement Specialist can assist you.

Assistance available through Utah PTAC includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Individual and group training, “how-to” workshops and regional contracting outreach events
  • Customized Bid-Matching service to identify and deliver relevant bid opportunities to your business
  • One-on-one counseling, government contracting readiness assessment and marketing strategy development
  • Diversity program assistance and federal registration support DUNS,, etc.
  • Networking/partnership facilitation for Prime/Sub-contracting and Joint Venture (JV) teaming arrangements
  • Pre-acquisition strategy and how to identify and respond to government market research (RFI, Sources Sought, Pre-Solicitation) opportunities
  • Bid proposal review and assistance with RFP response
  • Help with product specifications, ANSI, ASTM standards, drawings and part numbers
  • Researching pricing data, procurement history and individual agency forecasts
  • How to sell through DIBBS, GSA and other procurement and government acquisition platforms
  • Capability Statement assistance and how to effectively market to government agencies

Contact a PTAC near you to apply to receive PTAC services.