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Governor’s Rural Partnership Board Frequently Asked Questions:

What does GRPB do?
GRPB has as its primary mission to recommend to the Governor and the Utah Legislator issues facing rural Utah. Board membership represents geographical and varied economic section.

How does one become involved with this board?
The meeting dates, locations, and agendas are posted on the GRPB website. The meetings are open to the public and individuals or organization representatives are encouraged to attend. There is an open discussion period where the public can discuss concerns or issues.

How often does the board meet?
4-5 times a year

Is the public involved?
The public is invited to all meetings where they can dialogue with board members.

Why do members become involved?
When there is an opening on the board, applications are accepted on the Lt. Governor’s website under Boards & Commissions. An application can be completed online. After the applications have been submitted three names are submitted to the Governor and he appoints the new board member.

How do the board’s accomplishments benefit the public?
The board has had a strong influence on legislation and other issues in rural Utah. The board is the advocacy group and spokesman for rural issues. Each year GRPB determines a few issues to work on for the upcoming year. Strategies are planned and used to implement solutions to the issues identified.

What is GOED’s level of involvement with the board?
Delynn Fielding, Daniel Royal, and Jake Hardman, from GOED, are staff members who provide support and services to GRPB Members.