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State Advisory Council

The State Science Advisor and Advisory Council on Science and Technology (SAC) review significant advances in science and technology and advise and make recommendations to the Governor, Legislature and governmental agencies on the use of science and technology to foster scientific literacy and to strengthen the State’s economy, educational system and quality of life.

Council Members
Most recent members include:

  • Chair: Larry Madden, Salt Lake Center For Science Education;
  • Council Advisor: Dr. Carol George, State Science Advisor;

Statutory Members:

  • Dr. Brent C. Miller, Utah State University;
  • Dr. Ned M. Weinshenker, Utah State University;
  • Dr. Thomas N. Parks, University of Utah;
  • Dr. Brent W. Webb, Brigham Young University;

Appointed Members:

  • Lyman Frost, Ceramatec;
  • John Sutherland, Cemaphore Systems;
  • Wade Hull, ZARS Pharma, Inc.;
  • Jennifer Logan, Ph,D., University Of Utah;
  • David Clarke, Utah State University;
  • Timothy Wood, USANA Health Sciences Inc.


Bylaws and Statute