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STEM Action Center

U.C.A. 63M-1-3201, 3207
The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Action Center prioritizes STEM education, which works to develop Utah’s workforce of the future.

The program drives research and implementation of STEM education best practices across Utah by serving the community by coordinating STEM-related activities, creating and coordinating proven STEM education best practices, facilitating educator access to those tools, align public STEM education and higher STEM education activities.

In order to advance STEM the STEM Action Center Board will use 2013 appropriation to build the math skills of sixth, seventh and eighth graders and for college math readiness.
Additionally, the STEM Action Center will align technology and innovation industry needs with higher education initiatives to ensure that the future workforce development needs of industry are met, and to safeguard the state’s economic prosperity by ensuring there is a workforce ready to take on the high-quality and high-paying STEM related jobs.
The STEM Action Center is leveraging a $10 million investment appropriated by the state in HB 0139 to create a hub of collaboration to improve the effectiveness of all the STEM Action Center partners.

STEM Action Center Pilot Program

The first call to action for the new STEM Action Center was to pilot a statewide “best practice” technology in select classrooms throughout the state to help close the performance gap for 7th and 8th grade math, as well as college readiness in math in over 150 classrooms.
The culmination of these efforts began on Friday, August 9 with 185 teachers representing over 70 different schools coming together for a full-day of professional learning to prepare to implement 11 different “best-in-class” technologies in academic year 2013-2014.
The initial pilot phase is targeted to reach more than 31,500 Utah students in over 70 different schools in grades 7, 8 and 10. This represents more than 25% of the total targeted population in the state.

STEM Action Center Board Chair and Board Announced

The Executive Board of the STEM Action Center has been appointed to support the goals outlined in HB139. With the board in place, specific goals for STEM education are being prioritized.
Jeffery Nelson, President and CEO of Nelson Laboratories, has been appointed by the Governor as the Chair of the STEM Action Center Board. Serving as the STEM Action Center Chair, Nelson will oversee the STEM Board’s decisions and STEM Education’s progress throughout the state.
Mr. Nelson is a Specialist Microbiologist with the National Registry of Certified Microbiologists. He currently serves as the Vice Chairperson for BioUtah, a trustee on the Westminster College Board, and as an adjunct professor at Westminster College.


The STEM Action Center Board is comprised of:

• Jeffery Nelson, President and CEO, Nelson Laboratories, STEM Chair
• Spencer P. Eccles, Executive Director, Governor’s Office of Economic
Development, Vice Chair
• Robert Brems, President, Utah College of Applied Technology
• Blair Carruth, Assistant Commissioner for Academic Affairs, Utah System of Higher Education
• Christine Kearl, Deputy for Education, Office of the Governor
• Gene Levinzon, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs
• Stan Lockhart, Government Affairs Manager, IM Flash Technologies
• Martell Menlove, Superintendent, State Board of Education
• C. Mark Openshaw, State Board of Education
• Brad Rencher, Senior Vice President and General Manger, Adobe
• Bert VanderHeiden, Vice President of Aerospace Structures, ATK