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Utah Broadband Project

The Utah Broadband Project is a joint effort between the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED), the Public Service Commission (PSC) and the Department of Technology Services’ Utah Automated Geographic Reference Center (AGRC),

that is responsible for mapping broadband service availability and developing a plan to increase broadband adoption and deployment in the state.

The project works with stakeholders to identify critical unserved or underserved areas and populations.

The Utah Broadband Advisory Council

Formed in June 2011, the Utah Broadband Advisory Council meets regularly to examine the condition of broadband adoption and deployment in the state of Utah and provides the Governor and Legislature with recommendations and policy guidance.

Members of the Council represent a diverse group of interests including economic development, state and local government, healthcare, education, libraries, transportation, public safety, and tribal entities.
The Advisory Council released their inaugural report in June 2012. The report details the programs and organizations that have made Utah a leader in broadband adoption and deployment and highlights the recommendations made by the Council to continue coordinating efforts to expand broadband access and use.

Going forward, the Council will engage in targeted approaches to aggregated demand for broadband deployment and extend resources to improve broadband use and accessibility across the state.

Regional Broadband Planning Council Initiative

Utah Broadband Project recently launched a Regional Broadband Planning Council Initiative which partners with Utah’s Associations of Governments (AOG). The Regional Broadband Planning Councils will be organized within the seven AOG regions to address broadband planning on a local level.

The initiative looks forward to significant community participation. For more information please visit our site at