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Utah Fund of Funds

OVERVIEW U.C.A. 63M-1-1206
The Utah Fund of Funds (UFOF) is a public-private partnership created by the Utah Legislature to provide the state’s entrepreneurs with increased access to a broad array of venture and private equity funding sources.

The fund invests in quality venture capital and private equity funds, which in turn explore investments in promising Utah growth companies.

Currently, UFOF has partnered with 28 qualified venture capital and private equity firms, including eight funds with headquarters in Utah. Out of state portfolio funds commit to spend a predetermined number of days in Utah to review and consider investment in Utah companies, thereby helping to establish networks and build support for Utah funds, entrepreneurs, companies and business leaders focused on expanding Utah’s economy.

In addition to investing in venture capital and private equity funds, the UFOF seeks to play a proactive role in helping entrepreneurs seek funding for their promising businesses.

The fund conducts one-on-one consulting sessions with Utah entrepreneurs focused on helping entrepreneurs navigate the uncertain fundraising waters, and when appropriate, access UFOF portfolio funds.

In addition the fund hosts regular entrepreneur training sessions and conducts larger annual conferences such as the Medical Device Symposium and Middle Market Symposium.

The UFOF receives oversight from the Utah Capital Investment Board (public) and is governed and operated by the Utah Capital Investment Corporation (private).  More information on each board can be found at

Since inception, UFOF partner funds have invested $723 million in 67 separate Utah companies. These partner fund investments have created over 2700 new Utah jobs and contributed over $35 million in new tax revenue to the state of Utah.