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Governor's annual Economic Summit
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Governor’s Summit

Typically held in Salt Lake City in April every year, the annual Governor’s Utah Economic Summit provides business leaders and decision-makers from the business, government and academic communities the opportunity to learn more about strategic opportunities and challenges facing businesses today. Governor Gary Herbert will keynote the summit.

The Summit is designed to enhance Utah business in the local, national and global marketplace by providing in-depth analysis on economic development, policy and growth as a path for executives to lead their companies to exponential growth.

Individual presenters and panels of knowledgeable state and national experts of business innovation, law, entrepreneurship, economic development, global expansion, energy, real estate, political process, economics and more will be conducting specialized breakout sessions in multiple tracks throughout the day.

With more than 1,300 business leaders from across the state this is a perfect opportunity for your organization to be part of the Governor’s Utah Economic Summit. Industry experts will demonstrate to attendees at all management levels how to improve their professional performance and bottom line. In other segments, key business leaders will discuss strategies as to why they selected Utah to relocate their headquarters and why Utah continues to be a top rated state for business. The Summit will include an overview of the current economic situation in Utah — a must for anyone running a business in the state.

Any company will benefit from participation in the Governor’s Utah Economic Summit. As a sponsor, your company will be able to showcase its leadership within the business community and gain significant strategic business value.

The Summit is the place for business leaders and decision-makers to prepare for the opportunities that lie ahead as our state economy continues to grow and flourish.