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Economic Development Map & Sure Sites

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Developed by the Broadband Outreach Center in the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, is a premier tool for businesses and site selectors to find the critical information they need to make site selection decisions including:

  • Commercial Broadband Availability (Fiber Providers, Other Commercial Broadband Providers)
  • Utility Information (Natural Gas, Electricity Territories, Local Telephone Exchange Areas, Culinary Water)
  • Transportation (Heavy Rail, Commuter Rail, Airports, Major Roads)
  • Workforce (Higher Education Institutions, Top County Industries, County Demographics)
  • Lifestyle features (National and State Parks, Ski Areas, State Parks, Golf Courses, Hospitals) allows site selectors, businesses, and developers to evaluate potential locations and print customized reports with detailed summaries of available infrastructure.

For more information on, contact:

Kelleigh Cole at 801-538-8831 or

For more information on relocating to Utah, contact:

Theresa Foxley at 801-538-8850 or

Visit Sure Sites

Utah Sure Sites

Developed by the Economic Development Corporation of Utah, Utah SURE Sites is Utah’s only qualified sites program, designed to meet the needs of relocating and expanding business.The database is tailored for site selection consultants and corporate expansion specialists, and it includes some of the best site location opportunities in Utah along with critical information necessary to make sound real estate decisions.

EDCUtah worked closely with corporate real estate executives to identify the kind of data they need and how best to present it for their use. In partnership with Rocky Mountain Power and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, EDCUtah created a powerful site analysis tool to expedite the site selection process by putting the most timely, accurate data at your fingertips with the click of a mouse. You can be sure a Utah SURE Site will include:

  • Business costs
  • Labor markets
  • Local economic conditions
  • Recent business activity
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation
  • Quality of life

For more information on the Utah SURE Sites program, contact:

– Sherrie Martell at 801-328-8824 or

– Michael Flynn at 801-328-8824 or

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