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The Governor’s Rural Partnership Board is made up of a diverse group of Utahns representing universities, the League of Cities and Towns, Department of Workforce Services, Division of Indian Affairs and the following industries: agriculture, travel, rural utilities, oil, gas and mineral extraction industries; and five rural members appointed by the governor, with at least one representative from a private rural business.

The director of the Office of Rural Development (ORD) serves as staff to the Governor’s Rural Partnership Board and its executive committee. The ORD director works with the GRPB executive committee to develop agendas for board meetings, held at least semiannually. The ORD director also provides opportunities for board members to review business development grants and incentives administered by the Office of Rural Development, and assists in the development of required reporting.

GRPB Members

_Lt. Governor

Spencer J. Cox

_GRPB Co-Chair, At-Large

Steve Styler

    _GRPB Board Member, At-Large

    Shannon Ellsworth

      _GRPB Board Member, Association of Governments

      Geri Gamber

        _GRPB BOARD MEMBER, Agriculture

        Gary Hallows

          _GRPB Board Member, Tourism

          Joan Hammer

            _GRPB Board Member, VP of USU Extension Services

            Dr. Brian Higginbotham

              _GRPB Board Member, SUU, President's Designee

              Stephen Lisonbee

                _GRPB Board Member, At-Large

                Michael McKee

                  _GRPB Board Member, Oil, Gas and Mining

                  Robert Miller

                    _GRPB Board Member, Utah League of Cities and Towns

                    Emily Niehaus

                      _GRPB Board Member, Rural Utilities

                      Jeff Peterson

                        _GRPB BOARD MEMBER, At-Large

                        Curtis Wells

                          _GRPB Board Member, Department of Workforce Services

                          Zachary Whitwell

                            _GRPB Board Member, Utah Association of Counties

                            Kent Wilson

                              _GRPB Board Member, At-Large

                              Jason Yerka


                                _Rural Outreach Manager

                                Rebecca Dilg


                                GRPB Board Meeting Information


                                Utah State Code

                                GRPB Annual Report – 2020

                                GRPB Annual Report – 2019