The Pete Suazo Athletic Commission Board includes five people, three appointed by Governor Cox, one by the Speaker of the House, and one by the Senate President. Each appointed member’s term lasts four years. The commission is named after the late Utah State Senator Eliud “Pete” Suazo. Pete Suazo was an advocate for youth and minorities and a boxing enthusiast. He was integral to establishing Utah’s Unified Rules of Boxing, as set forth by the Association of Boxing Commissions.

The commission regulates professional and amateur unarmed combat sports in Utah, including kickboxing, mixed martial arts, and professional boxing. Under the Utah Professional Athletic Commission Act, promoters, managers, contestants, seconds, referees, and judges must be licensed by the commission.

Regulation of unarmed combat includes maintaining medical clearances for athletes to ensure the safety and integrity of each respective sport. Implementation and enforcement of administrative rules provide a stable and fair environment for both the athletes and the public.

The commission adheres to the national standards set forth by the Association of Boxing Commissions.

Pete Suazo Utah Athletic Commission Board

Troy Walker

Board Chair


Bruce Baird

Bruce R. Baird, PC


Mike Deaver

Strategies 360

Senior Vice President

Tamara Leavitt

Public Relations and Communications Consultant and Contractor

Brian Miller

Utah County