_Executive Director

Q. Val Hale

801-538-8769 vhale@utah.gov

_Deputy Director

Benjamin Hart

801-538-8799 benhart@utah.gov

_Managing Director of Operations

Kori Ann Edwards

801-538-8623 kaedwards@utah.gov

_Managing Director of Business Services

Ryan Starks

801-538-8794 ryanstarks@utah.gov

_Managing Director of Tourism, Film and Global Branding

Vicki Varela

801-538-1369 vvarela@utah.gov

_Director of Marketing and Communications

Pete Codella

801-538-8774 pcodella@utah.gov

_Executive Assistant

Lynne Mayer

801-538-8769 lmayer@utah.gov

Business Services

_Managing Director of Business Services

Ryan Starks

801-538-8794 ryanstarks@utah.gov

_Life Science Cluster Director

Clark Cahoon

808-348-9238 ccahoon@utah.gov

_Aerospace and IT Cluster Director

Chanel Flores

801-200-7432 cflores@utah.gov

_Program Support Specialist

Beckie Page

801 538-8793 beckiepage@utah.gov

_Program Support Specialist

Joshua Wiggins

801-538-8775 jcwiggins@utah.gov
Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTAC)


Chuck Spence

801-538-8655 cspence@utah.gov

_Regional Manager-Metro Salt Lake, Tooele and Summit Counties

Paula Kramer

801-538-8756 pkramer@utah.gov

_Regional Manager-Box Elder, Cache, Rich Counties

Mark Alexander

435-750-3261 mark.cbrc@btech.edu

_Regional Manager-Beaver, Garfield and Iron Counties

Joni Anderson

435-586-8883 AndersonJoni@suu.edu

_Regional Manager - Washington, Kane, Piute, Wayne, Sevier, Millard and Sanpete Counties

Cameron Findlay

435-652-7754 findlay@utah.gov

_Regional Manager-Davis, Weber and Morgan Counties

Mary Ann Flinders

801-593-2242 mflinders@utah.gov

_Regional Manager-Utah, Wasatch, Juab Counties

Thomas Gerke

801-863-8713 tgerke@utah.edu

_Regional Manager-South Salt Lake County

Alex Quayson-Sackey

801-957-5357 aquayson@utah.gov

_Regional Manager-Daggett, Duchesne, Uintah, Carbon, Emry, Grand and San Juan Counties

Jack Schons

435-613-5198 john.schons@usu.edu
Rural Development

_Rural Outreach Manager

Nan Anderson

435-287-4170 nanderson@utah.gov

_Rural Outreach Manager

Rebecca Dilg

801-538-8681 rdilg@utah.gov

_Rural Outreach Manager

James Dixon

801-538-8687 jdixon@utah.gov
Utah SBIR Center

_Program Director

Linda Cabrales

801-957-5238 lcabrales@utah.gov

_SBIR Program Manager

April Young Bennett

801-957-4239 aybennett@utah.gov


_Managing Director of Operations

Kori Ann Edwards

801-538-8623 kaedwards@utah.gov

_Electronic Business Project Manager, Salesforce Administrator

Kristen Jensen

801-450-0550 kjensen@utah.gov

_Contracts and Policy Manager

Taylor Broadbent

801-538-8676 tbroadbent@utah.gov

_Senior Business Analyst

Lyle Almond

801 538-8753 lalmond@utah.gov


Diana Gardner

801-538-8680 dgardner@utah.gov

_Economic Development Analyst

Dane Ishihara

801-538-8664 dishihara@utah.gov

_Internal Auditor

Greg Jeffs

801-368-1957 gjeffs@utah.gov

_Salesforce Administrator

Sidhartha Kambampati

801-538-8612 skambampati@utah.gov

_Data Scientist

Allison Stapleton-Shrivastava

801-538-8633 ashrivastava@utah.gov

_Operations Support Specialist

Amber Stubbings

801-538-8628 astubbings@utah.gov


Carol Watson

801-538-8680 cwatson@utah.gov

_Compliance Director

Jim Grover

801-538-8660 jimgrover@utah.gov

_Compliance Auditor

Laraib Sial

801-538-8619 lsial@utah.gov

_Compliance Auditor

Matthew Wallace

801-538-8673 matthewwallace@utah.gov

_Finance Director

Kamron Dalton

801-538-8677 kdalton@utah.gov

_Financial Manager

Jason Marden

801-538-8624 jmarden@utah.gov

_Financial Analyst

Sean Brownell

801-538-8671 srbrownell@utah.gov

_Financial Analyst

Sandy Olney

801-538-8613 sandyolney@utah.gov

Corporate Recruitment

_Deputy Director

Benjamin Hart

801-538-8799 benhart@utah.gov

_Business Development and Corporate Incentives Manager

Thomas Wadsworth

801-538-8625 twadsworth@utah.gov

_Incentives Analyst

Owen Barrott

801-538-8704 twadsworth@utah.gov

_Corporate Incentives Analyst

Larry Shepherd

801-538-8770 larryshepherd@utah.gov
International Diplomacy


Franz Kolb

801-538-8717 fkolb@utah.gov

_Program Specialist

Amanda Goodell

801-538-8719 agoodell@utah.gov
Talent Ready Utah


Kimberlee Carlile

801-538-8669 kcarlile@utah.gov

_Talent Ready Program Manager

Scott Romney

801-209-4901 sromney@utah.gov

_Utah Works Program Specialist

Deneise Coughlin

385-355-5088 deneisecoughlin@utah.gov

_Program Support Specialist

Rachelle Ackley

385-201-7533 rackley@utah.gov

Marketing & Communications

_Director of Marketing and Communications

Pete Codella

801-538-8774 pcodella@utah.gov

_Media Relations Manager

Tony Young

801-538-8722 tonyyoung@utah.gov

_Graphic Designer

Greg Mytych

801-538-8627 gmytych@utah.gov

_Digital Media Specialist

Mia Caselli

801-538-8678 mcaselli@utah.gov

_Marketing Communications Specialist II

Amy Steinbrech

801-538-8679 aksteinbrech@utah.gov


Kaitlyn Clarke

801-538-8684 kclarke@utah.gov


Garrett Speak

801-538-8730 gspeak@utah.gov

Pete Suazo Utah Athletic Commission


Scott Bowler

801-538-8607 sbowler@utah.gov

_Administrative Assistant

Tracy Pattillo

801-243-7954 tlpattillo@utah.gov

Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation

_Program Manager

Tara McKee

801-538-8686 tmckee@utah.gov

_Program Manager

Rose Smith

801-538-8652 rosesmith@utah.gov

_Program Assistant

India Nielsen

801-538-8705 indianielsen@utah.gov

Utah Office of Tourism

_Managing Director of Tourism, Film and Global Branding

Vicki Varela

801-538-1369 vvarela@utah.gov

_Associate Managing Director

Dave Williams

801-538-1317 dmwilliams@utah.gov

_Tourism Marketing Assistant

Cecilia Bahena

801-538-1377 obahena@utah.gov

_Assistant to the Director

Julia Barnhouse

801-538-8828 jbarnhouse@utah.gov

_Destination Development Manager

Rachel Bremer

801-538-1384 rbremer@utah.gov

_Research Marketing Assistant

Emma Checketts

801-538-1388 emmachecketts@utah.gov

_Budget, Contracts & Marketing Coordinator

Lorraine Daly

801-538-1306 ldaly@utah.gov

_Web & Cooperative Marketing Manager

Kelly Day

801-538-1727 kday@utah.gov

_Visual Assets Coordinator

Ben Dodds

801-538-1716 bdodds@utah.gov

_Communications Coordinator

Andrew Gillman

801-538-1759 agillman@utah.gov

_Visitor Services and Welcome Center Coordinator

Dave Hansford

801-538-1367 dhansford@utah.gov

_Web Content Specialist

Sara Hobbs

801-538-1388 sarahobbs@utah.gov

_Marketing Analyst and Research Manager

Denise Jordan

801-538-1375 denisejordan@utah.gov

_Senior Global Manager

Becky Keeney

801-538-1318 beckyjohnson@utah.gov

_Social Media Manager

Melissa Kinney

801-538-1373 mkinney@utah.gov

_Public Relations Manager

Anna Loughridge

801-538-1380 aloughridge@utah.gov

_FAM Tour Specialist

Haley Rodgers

801-538-1387 hrodgers@utah.gov

_Photo Editor

Sandra Salvas

801-538-1378 ssalvas@utah.gov

_Web & Content Specialist

Rosie Serago

801-538-1326 rserago@utah.gov

_Partner Relations Specialist

Celina Sinclair

801-538-1710 csinclair@utah.gov

_Destination Development Specialist

Flint Timmins

801-538-1394 fdtimmins@utah.gov

_Executive Assistant

Diane Wilson

801-538-1312 dianew@utah.gov
Utah Film Commission


Virginia Pearce

801-538-8740 vpearce@utah.gov

_Office Manager & Coordinator

Melissa Jackson

(801) 538-1332 melissajackson@utah.gov

_Marketing and Communications Manager

Christina Martin

801-538-1379 cmmartin@utah.gov

_Producer Services Executive

Derek Mellus

801-538-1120 dmellus@utah.gov

_Office Coordinator

Allie Russell

801-538-3387 allierussell@utah.gov

_Office Coordinator

Syd Smoot

801-538-8611 ssmoot@utah.gov

_Location & Production Intern

Step Chatterley

801-538-8740 schatterley@utah.gov

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