HHI Corporation Manufactures Mobile Triage Units and Portable Test Labs to Combat COVID-19

Pete CodellaArticles, COVID-19

This article is part of a series featuring Utah-based companies and what they’re doing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Until recently, HHI Corporation mostly flew under the radar, completing challenging projects for high-profile clients such as the Department of Defense. That abruptly changed when the company started producing Mobile Triage Units and Portable Test Labs to provide patient care for COVID-19.

The Ogden-based company produces prefabricated systems that can be installed inside or outside a variety of facilities where patients are treated for coronavirus, such as hospitals, hotels or convention centers. The units are transportable and modular for quick installation.

“HHI is committed to bettering the lives of those close to home and around the world. We will use innovative measures like the Mobile Triage Units and Portable Test Labs to combat COVID-19,” said Regina Hokanson, president of HHI Corporation. “We are proud to be a part of the dynamic and specialized team helping provide solutions in this time of need.”

The Mobile Triage Units include four patient rooms with three beds each, nurses’ stations and support equipment. Units include electrical systems powered by diesel generators or shore connections, ventilation systems with HEPA filtration and potable water/waste connections. The units are shipped in pieces and assembled on-site using six heavily modified shipping containers and one fabricated equipment skid.

Portable Test Labs are designed to provide comprehensive testing services for COVID-19. There are transaction windows on the outside of the unit with exposure protection guards for medical staff and handwashing stations. The unit is divided into three isolated areas and includes a registration area, testing laboratory and a nurses station.

“These systems will provide a safe environment where patient care is given,” says Devin Brown, communications manager at HHI Corporation.  “Our team is made up of dedicated personnel who are proud to be part of this effort to assist federal and state governments.”

Both systems will be available for shipment by the end of April 2020.