Storm Bowling: A Utah Company Manufacturing Many Of the World’s Bowling Balls

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Headquartered in Brigham City, Utah, Storm Bowling knows a few things about staying in its lane while leading the bowling industry through its innovative, high-performance equipment.

The company has been in business for 30 years and earned a reputation for creating products that top athletes choose for Professional Bowling Association and Professional Women’s Bowling Association Tour competitions. Storm strives to inspire existing bowlers and foster new bowlers. 

One innovation that makes the company unique is its offering of over 100 scents that can be blended into the resin of a bowling ball, giving it a pleasant smell that lasts for years. Bill Chrisman, the company’s chief executive officer, used to work with cleaners and knew that people associated scents with cleaners, so he decided to add it to bowling balls and patented this practice. “Some may consider a bowling ball with a scent, like a car air freshener, a strange thing. But the way these bowling balls smell is very pleasant and provides yet another way to personalize a bowling ball,” he noted.

The company supports worldwide professionally sanctioned events year-round. The northern Utah-based company continues to lead the bowling industry in innovation while making its mark internationally. It’s an excellent example of job-generating niche manufacturing happening in the state, specifically in Brigham City.

“We manufacture and ship bowling balls worldwide, but there is no place we’d rather live and work than in Utah,” Dave Symes, president of Storm, said. “We love the people, the landscape, and all the events that Brigham City offers. It’s a great community to be part of.”

To learn more about this innovative company and its bowling balls, bags, shoes, clothing, and accessories, visit its website.