2013 Broadband Summit: How Government Utilizes Social Media

Pete CodellaBroadband

social-media-billboard_png_pagespeed_ce__1TRy43AHRZJust like businesses, government agencies like the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) have joined a variety of social media networks utilizing these platforms to connect and keep the public informed about news, incentives, international trade missions and business in Utah. GOED most recently joined social media networks, Linkedin and Google+.

In fact, online users spend an estimated 27 percent of their time on social media engaging with government agencies, businesses and one another. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Youtube are allowing these organizations to connect with consumers in a targeted and effective way and have made an online social media presence vital to any businesses’ success.

As more consumers search online for products and services they need, they are also connecting with causes, news outlets and government agencies in all new ways. Nonprofits and their government counterparts are learning that engaging in these 21st century mediums allows them the same advantages of businesses, often without the transaction at the end of the interaction.

However, without a powerful enough connection to the Internet none of these connections can exist.  Broadband access allows consumers, businesses, and policymakers to connect at speeds and reliability that make these relationships real.

On October 24th, the power of social media and broadband will be discussed at the 2013 Broadband Tech Summit. Sessions cover a variety of topics including how public information officers are using social media to inform the public during emergencies and how communities can utilize social media to attract visitors. A full agenda can be found on our website.