2013 Mobile Drive Test to Begin in November

Pete CodellaBroadband

RoadstoDriveMap2013This November, Isotrope LLC, under contract with the Utah Broadband Project, will conduct a mobile drive test on 6,000 miles of roads in Utah. During the drive test, Isotrope will collect real-time mobile broadband wireless coverage and speed information. All mobile wireless broadband data over cellular, PCS, LTE, and IDEN frequencies and protocols will be collected. Click on the map to the right to see which roads will be tested.

The complete Project Test Plan is available here.

Understanding the mobile broadband landscape will help support the Project’s mapping and planning efforts underway related to the state’s mobile coverage.

A similar test was conducted in Utah in July 2011 and will be compared to this year’s drive test. A comparison report of the two will be made available to illustrate how much the mobile broadband landscape in Utah has changed over the last two years. To learn about the 2011 Drive Test and download the results, click here.