2014 Utah Broadband Demand Survey Update

Pete CodellaBroadband

MP900316779The Utah Broadband Project, in conjunction with Utah State University and Southern Utah University, recently completed a comprehensive survey of non-adoption of broadband in Utah. The survey provides additional research to supplement a demand survey the project team completed in 2011.

The original survey measured broadband development and demand throughout the state.This survey was highly successful and provided much needed information. The new survey is focused on understanding the reasons why 20 percent of Utah households have not adopted broadband in their homes. This survey will give a snapshot to the demographics, locations, and nature of non-broadband adopters.

A total of 500 non-adopters were surveyed over the phone. A mix of mobile and landline phones were used in this survey. Due to the high percentage of broadband users throughout Utah, the survey process took two weeks longer than was originally planned in order to find only non-broadband adopters. As the data is processed and analyzed, a greater understanding of the reasons why broadband has not been adopted into every home will be given. The Utah Broadband Project is expected to see the results of the broadband adoption survey in early February 2014.