August 2016 Map of the Month: CAF Preliminary Phase II Blocks

Pete CodellaBroadband

August Map of the Month 2016

Click for interactive map of eligible Connect America Phase II census blocks in Utah

On August 10, 2016, The Wireline Competition Bureau at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released a preliminary list of census blocks that have been deemed initially eligible for the Connect America Phase II auction. [FCC announcement]

This month, our map shows the census blocks initially deemed eligible for the Connect America Phase II auction in Utah on a simple interactive map that allows users to zoom into community level views. The census blocks are colored by the number of eligible locations identified by the FCC for each census block.

Users can control map layer visibility, transparency and more from the map controls in the upper right corner of the map. Optionally, users can turn on a statewide layer that shows the locations of addressed properties compiled from county GIS mapping offices.

The full preliminary list of census blocks is available for download from the FCC.

Detailed map view

A detailed view of the preliminary Phase II census blocks with address points and aerial photography, accessed from the Layers menu in app’s upper right

Keep in mind that the block eligibility list is not final, as the Wireline Competition Bureau will publish a final list of census blocks no later than three months prior to the deadline for applications for the forthcoming Phase II auction.  The final list will be based on the most recent publicly available from the FCC’s Form 477 broadband coverage data that is collected twice a year.