August 2017 Map of the Month: Fiber and Other Maps from UDOT’s UPlan Site

Pete CodellaBroadband

UPlan: UDOT’s mapping portal

The August broadband map of the month is the collection of map data and viewers that comprise the UDOT UPlan interactive map website. This choice was inspired by a presentation at the most recent meeting of the Utah Broadband Advisory Council featured an innovative UDOT project to extend fiber optic broadband service using micro-trenching within the roadway.

That project will extend data and communication capabilities from the rural town of Escalante east along State Highway 12 to the very popular Calf Creek Falls recreation site. And, it reminded us that it was past time to promote a great Utah information resource for the broadband community.

The UPlan site, based on the ArcGIS Online platform, has been around for about 5 years now and receives regular content additions and updates.

Within the UPlan site, you’ll find maps of UDOT’s fiber infrastructure along with multiple apps and map layers that may be of value to broadband providers and planners.

These include:

Zoomed in view of UDOT’s Fiber Map

  • UDOT Fiber Map: a complete map of the fiber infrastructure that supports traffic cameras, message boards, signals, and other intelligent transportation system components. This includes UDOT owned fiber and conduit as well capacity gained through trade with providers.
  • Utah Unified Plan combines the UDOT Long-Range Transportation Plan with the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) transportation plans to provide a view into future transportation projects.
  • The Statewide Transportation Improvement Program ‘story map’ provides an overview of the proposal process, schedule, and upcoming projects that are considered and approved by the Utah Transportation Commission
  • Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) modeled traffic volume counts for highways and major roads.
  • UDOT Pavement Management Map shows historical and current pavement condition for Utah state roads. This map also contains current, past, and forecasted pavement treatment projects.
  • UDOT Mileposts and tenth of a milepost locations for geographic reference.
  • Statewide Right of Way database is a work in progress, but displays much of the property boundaries for which UDOT owns a right of way.

For first time users, note that several of the links above are to the ‘information page’ for a map or app. These landing pages describe what you’ll be looking at in detail and include a button in the upper right corner to open the map or app.

With most maps, you’re likely to see more detail as you zoom in to a specific location and you will often be able to get additional information from popup panels by clicking on the map features that are shown.

Lastly, look for the ‘Search’ box in the upper right of the main UPlan website to do a key word search for maps and apps on other topics of your choice.