FCC Announces Universal Service Fund Strike Force

Pete CodellaBroadband

usfChairman Tom Wheeler of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced the creation of a Universal Service Fund (USF) Strike Force, which will focus on protecting the USF and all other funding programs the FCC manages.

The Strike Force will be part of the Enforcement Bureau of the FCC and will be led by Loyaan Egal. The FCC has put the Strike Force in place to investigate any violations of the Communications Act or any rules set by the Commission and will prosecute unlawful conduct.  The FCC is confident that the Strike Force presence will promote future compliance, protection of funds and protection of those that either depend on the funds or contribute to them.

The four programs supported by USF are:

The Strike Force will be part of the Enforcement Bureau, which is responsible for enforcing the laws, terms and conditions that the FCC sets.  Particularly focusing on competition, consumer protection, communications funding programs and public safety.  The Strike Force will supplement, but be separate from the Bureau.

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