FCC Seeks Comments for 2016 Biennial Review

Pete CodellaBroadband

fcc-logo-light-blueThe Federal Communications Commission is seeking public comment for its 2016 biennial review of telecommunications regulations.  The commission is required by law to complete this review every two years with the goal of eliminating any regulations that are deemed, “No longer necessary in the public interest as the result of meaningful economic competition between providers of such service.”

The biennial review process was created in statute by Section 11 of the Communications Act of 1934.  The FCC published a public notice on November 3rd with a comment date set at December 5th.  Comments submitted by the public should identify specific rules that the submitting party believes should be repealed or modified.  Electronic submissions or paper copies will be accepted.

Comments should also include a discussion of how suggested rule changes satisfy the standard of Section 11.  This standard is best interpreted by D.C. Circuit Court in Cellco Partnership.

For more information about submitting comments, please see the FCC’s public notice here: