Find Broadband Availability in Utah’s Legislative Districts

Pete CodellaBroadband

leg mapAs the 2015 Utah State Legislative Session begins, legislators may have questions about the telecommunications industry and broadband infrastructure. The State of Utah has 75 house districts and 29 senate districts, and the Utah Broadband Project’s interactive map is a great resource to help both legislators and constituents understand broadband availability in their districts.

The interactive map displays broadband availability across the state, and users are able to search legislative districts to find broadband availability and speeds. The image on the right displays how to search the map to find speeds, access and available Internet providers for each district. Type the appropriate district (eg. “Sen 1” or “Rep 1”) into the search function to view the area.

Each region of the state has unique broadband needs and issues that were identified in the Utah Broadband Project’s regional planning process. Additionally, the Utah Broadband Plan has laid out key initiatives that affect every Utahn and every legislative district in the state.

You can also head to to follow the legislative session and track bills related to broadband.