FirstNet Seeking Comments on Proposed Legislative Interpretation

Pete CodellaBroadband

firstnet-logo1The First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) is seeking comments on its Second Notice of Further Proposed Interpretations of Parts of the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012. The comment period has been extended to April 28, 2015.

Comments are sought on the following issues, which are detailed in the notice:

  • Technical requirements relating to equipment for use on the National Public Safety Broadband Network (NPSBN)
  • FirstNet Network Policies
  • A State’s Opportunity to Assume Responsibility for Radio Access Network Deployment and Operation including:
    • An overview of statutory provisions on deployment of state networks
    • FirstNet Presentation of a State Plan
    • Content of a State Plan
    • Governor’s Role in the State Plan process
    • Timing and Nature of state decision
    • Notification of State Decision
    • The nature of FirstNet’s Proposed State Plan
    • State Development of an alternative plan
    • Responsibilities of FirstNet and a state upon a state decision to assume responsibility for the construction and operation of its own RAN
  • Customer, Operational and Funding Considerations Regarding State Assumption of RAN Construction and Operation
    • Consumer relationships in states assuming RAN construction and operation
    • State use and reinvestment of funds received from building and operating a RAN

Comments will be used to guide FirstNet in establishing network policies, forthcoming requests for proposals, and interpretive rules. Click here to read more.