Forbes Article Stresses Broadband Development for Economic Growth

Pete CodellaBroadband

A recent Forbes Magazine article, “To Spark Growth, Focus on the Next Generation of Broadband,” stressed the importance of broadband development in creating economic growth.

The author, Brigham McCown, a former U.S. Department of Transportation executive likens broadband development to the development of the telegraph, radio, and television. The article quotes a World Bank study that found that economic growth increases by 1.21 percent for every 10 percent increase in broadband service penetration in developed countries.

The article also emphasized the deployment of 5G networks and federal attempts to make more spectrum available to private industry. A particular focus was placed on encouraging municipalities to create public/private partnerships and ”¬†treamline policies that best enable the installation of fiber and small-cells most will likely be among the first to benefit from 5G.”

The full article can be read here.