March 2016 Map of the Month: Utah School Technology Study

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The March Map of the Month highlights UETN’s Utah School Technology Study.

This past Fall (2015), the Utah Education and Telehealth Network (UETN) commissioned a comprehensive, statewide technology inventory across Utah’s public and charter schools. Data was collected in November and December from 100% of Utah public schools, including charter schools, accounting for 989 schools serving nearly 627,000 students.

The results of the study, conducted by Connected Nation, are summarized in this downloadable pdf document that provides a snapshot of the implementation of digital learning in Utah’s schools.

The inventory collected information at the school district level and from individual schools. Respondents described their schools’ educational computing infrastructure (desktops, mobile devices, wifi, etc), software platforms including student information systems, student-device ratios, digital textbook implementation, as well as IT goals, policies, and security measures.

This month’s 5 maps, contained in a single .pdf, depict several data points from the study, all of which were collected at the school district level:

  • Computing Devices per Student
  • Wifi Access Points per Classroom
  • Average Age of Wi-Fi Gear
  • Earliest Grade at which the District Issues Student Email Accounts(including school only systems)
  • Free or Reduced Lunch Rates

November 2013’s map of the month also mapped computer utilization statistics, but from earlier data collected by the State Office of Education.