November 2017 Map of the Month: Sole Provider Areas

Pete CodellaBroadband

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There are still quite a few areas in Utah that have a sole provider of high speed broadband service. This is more likely in rural communities and remote areas where it costs more to deploy broadband infrastructure and a smaller return is expected due to overall market size and demand.

Our November map of the month features Utah areas with a sole known provider of broadband service, using fixed technologies (wired or fixed wireless),  that deliver an advertised download speed at or above 25 Mbps

This map was made from a combination of the commercial and residential broadband service data reported biannually to the Utah Broadband Outreach Center. A similar, but larger map (with more detail) is now in use as a starting point when state procurement staff are asked to explore sole source contracts for network services.

There are enough sole provider areas that] some of the colors are repeated in the map. However, each sole provider area is associated with nearby label text calling out the provider in the same color.

The map also shows areas (using a dark gray) with more than one provider offering fixed broadband at 25 Mbps or greater. As expected, these areas include the the Wasatch Front and Back and the Logan, Cedar City, and St. George areas. But, Many smaller communities as diverse as Richfield, Brigham City, and Wendover.