October 2017 Map of the Month: Utah SAGE K-12 Test Scores

Pete CodellaBroadband

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Our October Map of the Month depicts proficiency rates, from the Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence (SAGE) tests conducted across Utah’s 41 school districts.

SAGE proficiency scores result from an adaptive computer assessment used to gauge student performance and are aligned to the state’s core education standards (SAGE Portal). Utah has used SAGE testing to monitor education progress in grades 3-11 since the spring of 2014.

The maps presented here represent proficiency rates from the 2016-17 testing cycle, mapped by school district. These proficiency rates capture the percentage of tested students that scored in the “proficient” or “highly proficient” categories.

Proficiency rates are categorized into 5 percent increments with warmer colors representing lower proficiency rates and cooler colors representing higher proficiency rates. An inset on the right side shows a zoomed-in view of school districts along the Wasatch Front.

This month’s 4 page pdf contains maps of:

  • Overall SAGE results,
  • English Language Arts assessment area score,
  • Mathematics assessment area score, and
  • Science assessment area score.

The total enrollment of the school districts represented in this data is 566,387 students. Of the total enrollment, 372,615 students participated in the SAGE testing for 2016-17.

Additional information on the SAGE test and results can be found under the “SAGE” tab on the Utah State Board of Education’s (USBE) Assessments website and the USBE Data Gateway.

The maps present data in a similar manner to the Map of the Month from March of 2016, which highlighted the status of various technology implementations in Utah school districts.