PBS Airs Three-Part Series on Broadband in America

Pete CodellaBroadband

PBS NewsHour recently aired a three-part series on broadband access in America. The series focused on how broadband access is impacting economic development, education, and entertainment.The first part in the series, “Streaming Video Goes From Media ‘Stepping Stone’ to Major Player,” explores how broadband access has changed the way consumers view media content. Traditional media networks now compete with streaming content providers like Netflix and Amazon to capture viewers’ attention.


The second part of the series, “Tennessee Is Home to U.S. Leader in Offering Fast, City-Wide Internet,” discusses Chattanooga’s municipal network which runs more than 50 city-wide applications to manage its traffic, control its electrical power grid, and operate its water and sewer utilities.

The final part of the series, “Americans Cut Off From Opportunity Without Equal Access to the Internet,” discusses broadband technology and its effect on society. Economic development, career training, and advances in education and health care rely not only on broadband infrastructure, but also on the knowledge and tools to leverage that infrastructure. Increasingly, Americans without broadband access are being left behind.