Raw Broadband Data Now Available for Download

Pete CodellaBroadband

The Utah Automated Geographic Reference Center (AGRC) just posted several new map resources to the Utah Broadband Project website. In addition to the current Utah Broadband Map, AGRC is now making raw data collected for the project available to outside users for the first time. Shapefiles and Geodatabase files can now be downloaded and used by researchers, cities, counties and other interested parties.

Making the raw data available will allow outside groups with GIS capabilities to analyze the data for academic research, planning and business applications. For example, a county could create a custom map showing the broadband availability in relationship to current or planned facilities such as schools, libraries, and community centers. A business planning to relocate could compare various locations based on broadband availability and speed. A university professor could use the data and compare it to demographic data to determine if a particular population segment lacks broadband access.

The current Utah Broadband Map, developed by AGRC, provides a user-friendly option to allow the public to enter their location and generate a list of local companies that provide service to the specified address. This information can be sorted by maximum advertised download and upload speeds, refined by wire-based or wireless technologies, and used view data from individual providers.

The newly released data will create an opportunity for more sophisticated analysis by outside users. All of the broadband data can be accessed in the map portal on the Utah Broadband Website.