Regional Broadband Plans Released

Pete CodellaBroadband

aogOver the past year, the Utah Broadband Project contracted with Utah’s seven Associations of Governments (AOG) to create Regional Broadband Planning Councils. The project team is happy to announce that each of these plans have been completed and can be accessed online.  

The purpose of these plans is to identify the challenges and goals that are specific to each region for the deployment of broadband.

Many stakeholders, business and government entities participated in determining key priorities and recommendations for each region.  The following is a list of stakeholders groups that were represented on the councils.

  • 21 Utah Counties
  • 19 Utah Cities
  • 12 Elected Officials
  • 40 Providers
  • 10 Libraries
  • 5 Healthcare Institutions
  • 4 Native American Tribes
  • 49 Businesses
  • 18 Institutions of Higher Education

The Regional Broadband Plans are available on the Utah Broadband Project website for public viewing at These plans provide vital feedback to the project team as they continue to work with key stakeholders to increase broadband adoption and deployment throughout Utah.