September 2016 Map of the Month: County Broadband Metrics from Address Points

Pete CodellaBroadband


Click to open September 2016 Map of the Month

Our July 2016 map featured a statewide map of Utah address points colored by residential-class broadband speed. This month, we’ve used a similar approach to create a graphic that summarizes the accessible residential broadband speeds for each county.

The September 2016 Map of the Month, and accompanying data table, depict the proportion of addresses within each county, for which different levels of broadband speed tiers are available.

We’ve also created two additional maps (pages 2 and 3 in the pdf) that show, by county, the percentage of addresses for which residential broadband download speeds are available at 25 Mbps and 100 Mbps, or greater.

The maps and analysis uses address points in place of 2010 census block demographic data, which due to Utah’s high growth, is becoming less useful for these types of metrics. The broadband data used is preliminary data from the Fall 2016 provider submissions that are currently being processed.