UDCC Launches New Website

Pete CodellaBroadband

Utah Data Center near Bluffdale, Utah

Utah is home to some of the lowest energy prices in the country, an educated workforce and a superior broadband network, all of which contribute to making the state a premier location for data centers. As a result, and technology companies from across the country are investing in Utah’s economy by housing centers throughout the state.

Helping to foster this new influx has been the Utah Data Center Consortium (UDCC), a group of private and public sector data center industry stakeholders interested in Utah’s burgeoning data center industry. The UDCC focuses on issues that affect the industry, professional development and networking, and advising policymakers in the state of Utah.

The data center industry represents a unique opportunity for Utah’s economy. With investments by the National Security Agency (NSA), Ebay and many other public and private entities, Utah has also becoming a leader in training professionals that will work in these data centers.

Recently, the UDCC launched a new website. To visit the website click here.