UDOT Tools Inform Stakeholders on Upcoming Projects

Pete CodellaBroadband

Uplan UDOTThe Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) has developed several tools for citizen engagement and provider collaboration.  These new maps, apps, and databases will help stakeholders stay informed about UDOT’s current and pending projects.  Read more below about a few of these resources.

The UDOT Projects App is a map based tool that has updated information about projects from study phase to completion. The tool can be found at data.udot.utah.gov, and a YouTube tutorial about the app can be found here:


Also newly available on UDOT’s YouTube channel are clips about the agency’s top 10 projects that show aerial footage of the areas affected.

UDOT’s online fiber maps are also helpful resources for providers. The Fiber Map shows current fiber locations, and a Fiber Priorities Map has also been launched to illustrate which areas will be targeted for development.

The fiber map can be found here:


The priorities map can be found here:


The UPlan UDOT Map Center has been launched as a one-stop resource for the public. Here, users can find the fiber maps, view an interactive map gallery with other mapping tools, and access several apps including a Mile Post app.  This app is a great resource for communicating with UDOT, as they most frequently use mile posts to discuss specific areas.

In June, the agency plans to launch a website for providers to track applications and better monitor the progress of ongoing requests.  These recent efforts from UDOT cement their position as a partner promoting broadband development throughout the state.