US Ignite Launches Corporate Partner Program for Multi-City IoT Projects

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Today, US Ignite announced the official launch of the Smart City Corporate Partners Program, US Ignite’s effort to pursue sustaining funding for smart connected community projects on behalf of municipal partners.

This program will help municipal governments maintain access to federal funds for smart city projects related topics, including disaster recovery, emergency management, energy efficiency, health and transportation.

“We are excited to join US Ignite and others to help foster the development and deployment of next generation smart city technologies,” said Mike Zeto, general manager, ATT Smart Cities. “As technological innovations are increasingly reliant on a highly secure, high-quality network as well as Internet of Things expertise, ATT will continue to provide the necessary infrastructure and solutions needed for people, companies and communities to be more productive, connected and efficient.”

“Juniper Networks is honored to be part of this elite group of companies working to shape the next revolution of Smart Cities,” said Mike Marcellin, chief marketing officer at Juniper Networks. “Juniper’s technology enables Smart Cities to build smart networking infrastructures and an architecture for the Internet of Things that improves their citizens’ quality of life.”

As a sponsor and active member of the US Ignite community, corporate partners will guide the applications that will define market development for gigabit communities, gain access to advanced software-defined research, live consumer and business testbed communities, and benefit from US Ignite partnerships with federal agencies, local governments and other key stakeholders in the smart connect community ecosystem.

“US Ignite has formed partnerships with leading network operators, equipment manufacturers, federal agencies, cities, foundations, and developers,” said William Wallace, Executive Director of US Ignite. “Through these partnerships, we are helping to bring partners, technologists and city leaders together to develop proof-of-concept smart city collaborations.”

The Corporate Partner Program offers a wide range of sponsorship packages that will provide participants with visibility into US Ignite’s activities and programs and reinforce your organization as a leader in the smart city community. US Ignite offers sponsorship opportunities, ranging from promotional branding and marketing opportunities at events to participation in and support of US Ignite programs.

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